Connor Douglas's Introductory Questions:

  1. My name is Connor Douglas. I am a sophomore at WashU majoring in Computer Science and Economics and trying to get a minor in Design.

  2. I took this class to get a better sense for design principles surrounding web development.

  3. I have experience with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript through a couple classes, a bit of work I did over the summer, and some pet projects.

  4. I would like to learn a bit more about CSS/JavaScript animations, more design focused CSS, and stronger HTML/CSS/JS fundamentals.

  5. I see the biggest difference between design for web vs paper as interactivity. Wherease paper is essentially static, web's dynamic nature drastically changes the paradigm of how someone interacts with the design.

  6. This site is a one of my favorite examples of good design. It is clean and simple, yet it has a couple flourishes to make a traditionally boring site much more captivating.

  7. This site is an effective example of communication. She clearly lays out what industry she is in, the work she has done, and communicates her ability to design by having a visually appealing and technically impressive site. On top of this, she does a good job of establishing a heirarchy of information so there is a clear taxonomy of information.

  8. I think GMail is a site that works well given how powerful it is. It is very responsive for how much work it is doing, and I don't think I have ever had any techincal issues with it.